Thursday 27 October 2011

Personal Style - Karlie Kloss

Today I dream about Karlie Kloss's wonderful personal style.

It's crazy to say it because Karlie is only 21 and I'm almost 28, so in theory I should know a lot more about how to dress but thanks to her timeless elegant style Karlie is a great example for both younger and like me, a bit older girls.

At first I wasn't very keen on Karlie, she was everywhere and I couldn't tell why people thought she was so special. That was until I saw her walk... she doesn't walk, she glides above the catwalk with the elegance and grace of a panther (check it out here!).

From then she charmed me, not only with her walk but also with how versatile she is as a model and how lovely she is as a person. She's got that retro glamour vibe about her, the way she looks, moves and talks is like she's from a different century. It shows in her personal style too - you think that a young, beautiful girl like her should be crazy and try different styles (think Abbey Lee) but Karlie always looks simple, modest and elegant.

Some may say it's boring but a girl with such beauty like Karlie doesn't need much. She has got an obvious weakness for boots and big bags but she always keeps it toned, simple and charming. What do you think?

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High Kloss :)


  1. Super styl, super modelka i te niebotyczne nogi. Lubie Kloss, bez niej Tygodnie Mody nie byłyby takie fajne:)

  2. Prosto, ale w ogóle nie nudzi, z klasą, ale i luzem - lubię! Nogi też ma niezłe, może chciałaby się wymienić?;)

  3. Podoba mi się jej pociągła twarz i dłuuugie nogi.
    Zestaw sweter plus szorty jest SUPER!
    Nie dla mnie emerytki, oczywiście:)