Tuesday 11 October 2011

The Kooples A/W 2011 Collection

Today I dream about the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection from a young, fantastic label called The Kooples.

The french brand was founded by three brothers - Alexander, Laurent and Raphael Elicha, who are also responsible for the Comptoir des Cotonniers. The idea of designing clothes for couples was great as we all like borrowing clothes from our partners and the results are even better.

Although the brand is French the clothes have that edgy British vibe in them. The new collection is a bit rock'n'roll, a bit 'dandyish' but also smart and elegant. All the pieces are perfectly tailored and quite masculine.

The lookbook is great but even more I like the campaign, where The Kooples used real and very interesting couples who tell their stories and of course wear the amazing clothes. What do you think about the idea of coordinating outfits with your boyfriend, do you think it could work and whose clothes you like more?

The Kooples Campaign
 Photos from Thekooples.com

Matching pairs :)


  1. Nice!
    Coś podobnego, Francuzi a styl typowo angielski...

  2. Muszę pokazać to mojemu facetowi:) Może się zainspiruje:P

  3. świetny pomysł, pamiętam, że oglądałam ich reklamę właśnie w którejś z gazet i przykuła moją uwagę. Bardzo mi się podoba, trochę dandysa, trochę rock&rolla ;)

  4. Uroczo to wygląda ;) Do końca życia nie wybaczę mojemu facetowi, że na studniówkę nie dopasował garnituru do mojej cudownej kiecki. Teraz będę go katować tymi zdjęciami, dzięki za polecenie :)