Monday 10 October 2011

A.L.C Spring 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the new Spring 2012 collection from A.L.C.

A.L.C is a brand founded by Andrea Lieberman who creates chic and perfectly designed basics.

Her clothes are simple yet sophisticated and that's exactly how the new collection looks. I like the basic colours with a splash of pink and orange as well as the loose and flowy shapes. The collection is full of crisp white shirts, perfectly tailored blazers, feminine shirtdresses and chic jumpsuits.

The only thing I don't like here are the shoes - I'm really tired of those heavy looking, colourful platforms and wedges. The collection itself is great, maybe there's nothing innovative about it but these are the clothes that I would actually wear and that would never go out of fashion. What do you think about it?

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Brilliant basics :)


  1. Lubię te kolekcje, taka niewymuszona prostota, elegancja połączona z lekkością. Buty ok, bez szału, ale mnie nie drażnią... może to przez te potworki od Miu Miu, LV, Chanel i innych z ulgą patrzę na coś normalnego? Zestaw ze skórzanymi szortami do schrupania.

  2. This collection is amazing, so easy. I love clothes that let your body to breath.

  3. Bardzo fajna kolekcja i nawet jeśli nie przepadam za łososiowym różem, tak tutaj podoba mi się bardzo Ta sukienka jest świetna. Plus świetne dwa pierwsze zestawy. Proste, do noszenia, ale bez banału. Super!