Saturday 17 September 2011

Saturday Recipes - Figs!

Today I dream about the second fig season this year :)

I feel like I didn't eat enough of them during the first one so I'm looking forward to trying all these recipes soon! I love figs, not only for their amazing flavour but also for how versatile they are - you can serve them hot or cold, sweet or savoury!

Grilled Brie with Fresh Figs and Thyme Honey

I love grilled brie or camembert so if I add fresh figs to it and aromatic thyme honey I'm sure it would make it even more delicious! Plus, it's so easy to make it barely requires your presence in the kitchen ;) Get the recipe here!

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Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs

Okay, I admit! This recipe is not about the figs - it's the chocolate! So much chocolate! I don't think I have to add that I love chocolate :) Find this amazing recipe here!

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Yogurt with Caramelized Figs

It looks like a great breakfast or light supper recipe! I love the contrast between the sweet, caramelized figs combined with fresh rosemary and sea salt. Find the recipe here!

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Fig, Mascarpone and Pistachio Tart

I have a weakness for tarts - the crunchy base with a rich and creamy topping - yummy! This is a dreamy combination! Click here for the recipe!

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Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs

They look sensational - so rich and juicy! Figs, blue cheese, prosciutto and almonds - what's not to love?!
Find the recipe here!

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Turkish Yogurt Cake with Figs

This is my favourite kind of cake - you'll make it in five minutes! You don't have to spend all day in the kitchen and you get this beautiful, moist cake, perfect with a cup of tea :) Yes, it's really possible! Get the recipe here!

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Fresh Figs with Cashew Cream

It's so sophisticated and looks wonderful! The combination of fresh figs, cashews, coconut shreds with vanilla extract and dark chocolate sounds amazing! Plus, I learned about how to make cashew cream which I had no idea existed in the first place :) Click here for the recipe!

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Magni-Fig-cent :)


  1. Dodałam Cię u siebie do listy moich blogów:))))
    Twoje posty są coraz fajniejsze!
    Figi uwielbiam, a pierwszy przepis z całą pewnością wypróbuję:)
    Lubię gotować, ale ciast niestety nie piekę.

  2. Bardzo dziekuje :) Mam nadzieje ze przepis zadziala jak powinien!

  3. Figi też lubię, ale chyba najbardziej te suszone:) Chociaż faktycznie pierwszy przepis może być całkiem, całkiem smaczny:)