Thursday 1 September 2011

Flannel Winter 2011 Collection

Today I dream about this amazing Spring 2011 collection from Flannel.

This is the last Summer 2011 collection that I'm showing on my blog this year - I'm still hoping for the late English summer but let's face it - autumn is coming whether we like it or not.

I can't believe I didn't know about Flannel before, I saw the beautiful dress from the first picture in Marie Claire and I fell in love. Flannel was founded in 2007 by the award winning Australian designer Kristy Lawrence. This family business is all about effortless elegance and organic luxury. Kristy creates effortlessly stylish and comfortable clothes inspired by Australian summers.

The Spring 2011 collection is very simple, classic and modern. I love the basic palette of colours - white, cream, camel and blue. The fabrics are great too -  lightweight cottons, leathers and silk.

The Winter 2011 collection is quite similar which is great for combining both collections together. The colour palette stays almost the same but this time there's a few pieces in black and gray, there's a lot of suede which I love and some heavy lace.

Have a look at both collection and tell me which one you like more!

Spring 2011 Collection 

Winter 2011 Collection

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Coco Flannel :)


  1. To jest świetne. Trochę Chloe', trochę Fendi, trochę Klein! Podoba mi się wszystko!

  2. Nie znałam - a szkoda. Podoba mi się efekt, jaki uzyskano - jest kobieco i elegancko, ale z takim "miejskim luzem". Tak jak Aga, pomyślałam sobie o mieszance Chloe z Kleinem :)

  3. I love that second dress and the last two outfits, they look incredible.
    Have an amazing weekend.

  4. Podobają mi się przede wszystkim skórzane spódnice, szczególnie ta w odcieniu jasnego grafitu(?) Z zimowej kolekcji podoba mi się minimalistyczna sukienka w odcieniu nude !