Saturday 24 September 2011

Antonio Berardi Spring 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the wonderful Spring 2012 collection from Antonio Berardi.

I have to confess that until I saw Antonio's Spring 2011 collection I didn't know much about him. All I knew was that the celebrities adore him and that he's known for his detailed embellishments. That collection was absolutely beautiful so I decided it's finally time to get to know Berardi's designs. After I found out that he started his label in 1995 I was convinced that he's the most underrated designer I know (or rather, that I didn't really know).

I'm in love with this collection! I think that when it comes to evening wear this is the best Spring 2012 collection I've seen. Berardi, who was educated at Central Saint Martins and previously worked with Galliano, has created a line of beautiful embellished dresses, tailored suits, beaded trousers and jackets.

The colour palette is very narrow: it's simply the classics - white, cream and very light pink, plus black and deep red. Antonio was inspired by armour, menswear tailoring and tried to follow the concept of woman as warrior. He plays with the structured shapes and embellishments in a masterful way here.

The only thing I don't like here are the shoes (again the shoes) and the hair but the clothes are so beautiful that nothing can diminish their beauty.

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"Warriors... come out to play..."


  1. Widziałam już na i wyjątkowo wpadła mi w oko. Szczególnie połączenie czerwieni z bielą, które jest wyrafinowane i kobiece a na dodatek wcale nie kojarzy mi się z flagą Polski ;) Rzeczywiście buty są niespecjalne, kolory i krój w ogóle mi nie odpowiadają. A włosy... sama nie wiem, trochę ciężkie te fryzury do takiej kolekcji. O ile fryzurę można określić tym słowem :)

  2. This collection is really interesting, I love the power suit with the red touches, look amazing.

  3. Tak, włosy i buty nie współgrają za bardzo, ale ubrania są ciekawe i...hmm...ładne:) Marynarka z 5ego zdjęcia to chyba mój ideał, lubię tak ostro ścięte fasony.