Wednesday 14 September 2011

INTERVIEW: Kasia Piechocka Jewellery

Today I dream about Kasia Piechocka's striking jewellery!

Kasia, who recently graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design creates amazing unisex jewellery. Her very special first collection named 'About the Man Who Loved Fishing' is dedicated to Kasia's father who she lost a few years ago.

Kasia's jewellery charmed me from the start - I love how sharp and masculine it is but also so elegant and sophisticated. This incredible collection is mainly made of silver and precious stones and it consists of chains, rings, earrings, pendants and brooches in the shapes of fish heads, fish bones and fishing weights and hooks.

As well as Kasia's jewellery itself, the lookbook is also very unique -  it doesn't feature any professional models but only two men working and fishing in a very atmospheric environment. I had a fantastic opportunity to ask Kasia a few questions about her designs and her plans for future collections.

Check out what Kasia told me in the interview below which is the first interview that I have ever had on my blog!

1. When did you first become inspired to become a jewellery maker?

From a very young age, right up until three years ago, I wanted to be a painter. Although my tutor in my final year of college tried to encourage me to go into jewellery design, I did not take up his recommendation until I stumbled across a Short Course in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2008.

2. What inspires you in terms of the overall theme of your collections and the individual pieces?

My first collection was inspired by a real person, and I want to continue doing this for my future collections. When designing a collection about somebody, I look at what they are interested in, what they believe in and generally explore their personality. This vision and view of a person (in my eyes) is what creates an overall theme to the collection. I don’t really have individual inspirations for each piece within a collection. They are all created from one source of inspiration, so I subsequently see them as one.

3. How do you go from conception to finished work - what are the stages in the process from idea to design to manufacture?

I spend a lot of time in the research and design process; whether I am creating a collection or a single commission piece. As I have a strong background in fine art, and drawing in particular, I draw many of my initial ideas and play with shapes on paper. During this stage, I often test materials and techniques that I would like to use. Personally I don’t really start the actual ‘manufacturing’ process until I have completely designed and finalised the idea.

4. Your first collection is very personal; can you tell us what you have planned for the next one?

I find it inspiring to hear somebody talk about a person that they look up to and respect. I will be designing my next collection (and future collections) about a real person that somebody is very close to. I ask followers of my blog to ‘inspire me with somebody that inspires you’. I have been receiving, and will continue to ask to receive emails from people nominating somebody that they would like my next collection to be based around. I plan on eventually selecting one of these nominees, and designing a collection inspired by and based around them.

5. How is designing unisex jewellery different to designing just for women and are you planning your future collections to be unisex too?

I can’t really tell you how unisex jewellery differs to women’s jewellery; as I have always had a vision of designing jewellery that is not restricted to a certain gender or age group. I like to think that I design jewellery for anyone that wants to add a touch of luxury to their look. I believe that I will continue to take this approach in the future.

6. Who came up with the idea to only feature men in the lookbook and what inspired the unique rugged tone?

About the Man Who Loved Fishing, was based around my late Father. He was a very masculine man who liked the simple things in life, such as spending his weekends on the lake fishing. I really wanted the photoshoot for the collection to portray this image and felt that using only males (neither of whom are actually models) would achieve this.

7. Do you have a favourite piece in your collection?

No. I love them all!

8. Do you follow fashion, if so do you have a favourite trend for next season?

I, along with my brand, KASIA PIECHOCKA, choose not to follow seasons. Although I have a strong interest in the development and changes in fashion, I don’t really implement this in my own style or my jewellery designs. However, I am excited that more and more of the fashion world is taking an interest in fine jewellery and the unique works of some of the designers in the market.

9. What do you dream of for the future?

I am still developing my brand and I think that I can always grow as a designer and a company. I don’t really have any long term dreams; however I would like to hope that over the next few years I am able to show my jewellery to people all over the world.

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  1. Bardzo ciekawy wywiad i bizuteria, świetny katalog!Ostatnie zdjęcie jest rewelacyjne:)

  2. Świetny wywiad i piękna biżuteria - jest w niej coś tajemniczego i niepokojącego a jednocześnie jest, jak to ujęłaś, wyrafinowana. Lubię!

  3. This is a really interesting interview and their collection is so beautiful.