Friday 29 June 2012

Caroline Andrieu's Illustrations

Today I dream about Caroline Andrieu's beautiful illustrations.

Caroline graduated from the French school of the Atelier de Sèvres and EPSAA and currently works as the art director of Condé Nast digital (France) for its Vogue & GQ websites.

Caroline's works were features in magazines such as: Vanidad, SoChic, Vogue and Glamour and she has worked for Chanel, Clarins and Sephora as well as regularly contributing to Diesel Fragrance Factory.

I love her drawings for how realistic they look and for her amazing attention to detail. Make sure to check out Caroline's blog called Tight-sweater for lots of inspiration!

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Fine Lines :)

Monday 18 June 2012

Toast Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the lovely Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Toast.

The collection is divided into four separate catalogues - early spring, spring, summer and high summer. I chose my favourite looks from each one of them hence the huge amount of pictures in this post :)

I remember seeing Toast stores when I used to live in London and now I deeply regret never going in. All their stores are in really lovely buildings and the interiors are always eye-catching. I love Toast for being able to shop for both clothes and homeware at the same time. The homeware is in the same spirit as the clothing, embodying simplicity and good design!

Another reason for being a fan of Toast is their ethical policy - they really do everything possible to impact the environment in the least negative way which means good quality organic materials, recycling, not testing on animals and supporting charities.

Apart from all this, they really make great clothes :) I really like the simple but sophisticated and effortless looking style - it always brings summer holidays to my mind!

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Have a slice of Toast! :)

Sunday 17 June 2012

Katerina Chang by Mikael Wardhana in ‘Hymn to the Immortal Wind’

Today I dream about this mesmerising photoshoot by Mikael Wardhana for Fashion Gone Rogue - one of the best sources for the latest photoshoots and fashion campaigns.

The shoot is titled 'Hymn to the Immortal Wind' and features pieces from Natalia Grzybowski's Hybrid collection which really amazed me!

If you liked my page on Facebook you'll know how many times I've been hyping this collection but really I don't remember being that in love with anything for a long time!

Unfortunately Natalia's beautiful collection is not available for sale but at least we can admire it in this tranquil editorial. If you want to see the whole collection check out Natalia's blog here!

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Kat wears Nat :)

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Sass & Bide New Lookbook - 'Sing, Brother!'

Today I dream about the new loobook called 'Sing, Brother' by Sass & Bide.

I previously wrote about Sass & Bide regarding their pre-fall 2011 collection (check it out here) which charmed me with its ethnic, tribal vibe.

This time Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton - the founders of Sass & Bide - have prepared something very different. The collection is sleek and elegant, rich in embellishments and eye-catching details. The colour palette as pretty basic - from white and cream to black - which is good when combined with rich embellishment.

As the pre-fall collection which I wrote about was all about the prints, this time is rather the opposite. There's not many prints in this collection and they're quite simple. This collection is more about clean and sharp lines combined with romantic embellishments and feminine silhouettes! A perfect combination, don't you think?

The collection will be available in stores from July!

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Abide with me :)

Saturday 9 June 2012

Saturday Recipes - Nutella!

Today I dream about all these recipes containing loads of Nutella!

If you're not a Nutella maniac these recipes are not for you but if you dare to try they might convert you into one! :)

Nutella is definitely my favourite spread and in fact the only one I buy. It's great on a piece of bread but if you know the right recipes you can work magic with it. Apart from the obvious Nutella crepes - which are my favourite - I'll show you some other interesting ways to can use this delicious spread. Enjoy!

Mango and Nutella Crepes

This is a classic already but with a little twist - mango! I think it makes a very interesting combination but you can use any fruit you want - best breakfast ever! Get the recipe here!

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Shortbread Cookies with Nutella, Banana and Almonds

The combination of Nutella and banana is my all time favourite and I promise that it works every time! Try it with buttery shortbreads and sprinkle with chopped almonds - find the recipe here!

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Cupcakes with Triple Cream Cheese Frosting

Here we have Nutella cupcake covered with three flavours of cream cheese frosting - Nutella, vanilla and almond butter. I'm drooling! Click here for the recipe!

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Zucchini Nutella Swirl Cupcakes

At first I was sceptical but then I thought about carrot cake which also didn't seem right but it's delicious. Sometimes it's worth risking trying some unusual combinations - you might discover something new and really tasty! Get the recipe here!

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Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Again the combination of Nutella and banana but like I said before - it never fails! :) Get the recipe here!

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Meringue Cupcakes with Nutella and Strawberries

So simple and so delicious! If you want to save some time, use store-bought meringues - perfect summer recipe for all the sugar addicts! :) Find the recipe here!

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Homemade Nutella

Although it's so easy to make I've never tried myself do this is a must on my list! It looks delicious, just like Nutella! Get the recipe here!

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Bella Nutella! :D

Sunday 3 June 2012

Nautical House in Poland

Today I dream about this adorable house with a nautical feel in Poland.

The house belongs to Monika, an interior designer and Sebastian, a graphic designer, who both moved to the country three years ago from Krakow. Monika grew up in the north of Poland so having a house with a nautical theme has always been a dream of hers.

The house is really warm and cosy but also very functional and full of great ideas of how to use all the space you have. The kitchen and the master bedroom are my favourite places, the use of space in the kitchen is perfect and those copper pans - just beautiful!

The bedroom is really warm, cosy and welcoming - I wouldn't change a thing! I love all the details in the house, everything is really well thought out and perfectly balances function and style.

I really love the idea of a house where everyday feels like holiday :)

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Nautical, but nice :)