Tuesday 31 May 2011

All Saints Spring/Summer 2011

Today I dream of the new Spring/Summer 2011 All Saints collection.

I love everything about it - the combination of Aztec prints with tomboy style suits and leather is just amazing!

The colour palette is quite simple: blue, black, white and earthy tones. It's a great alternative to the neons which are so popular now that I hate.

My favourite pieces from this collection are the beautiful black leather jacket with asymmetric fastenings and all those gorgeous Aztec style sequined dresses. All the shirts and blazers would be just perfect for work!

 Photos from Allsaints.com

All Saints be praised :)

Monday 30 May 2011

Anna de Rijk by Txema Yeste

Today I dream of this captivating photoshoot of Anna de Rijk by Txema Yeste.

The pictures appeared in the June 2011 edition of Spanish Harper's Bazaar. I love the rebellious style of these pictures and Anna's attitude.

The shoot was styled by Juan Cebrian and we see a lot of studs, leather and fringed items by Balmain, Gucci and Balenciaga.

Do you like this version of a modern punk or rather a cowboy?

Photos from Fashionmanisfesto.blogspot.com

Wild West!

Sunday 29 May 2011

Nga Waiata's Wooden Rings

Today I dream of Nga Waiata's wooden rings.

As well as being a jewellery designer, Nga is also a contemporary artist creating beautiful light boxes and paintings.

I'm quite selective when it comes to accessories, there's only few that I wear. I sometimes get slight allergic reactions to certain metals so I hardly ever wear rings, but these wooden ones are allergy free!

These big and chunky rings with natural crystals will go with any outfit and if you believe in the magical powers of crystals they can even make your dreams come true ;)

Photos from Ngawaiata.com

Wood you like one? :)

Saturday 28 May 2011

Saturday Recipes - Truffles!

Today I dream of trying all these wonderful truffle recipes.

I love truffles, they're so rich and soft and melt in your mouth - delicious! I think truffles are wonderful in the winter or on a windy day like today where I live.

My plan for tonight is just to snuggle on the couch with my blanket and a box of truffles and watch TV till I fall asleep :)

That's a great way to relax before another hard week of work - not that I have to worry about Monday this week, I'm off for a whole five days! :)

On Monday I'm going to see my favourite band, Kings of Leon, playing in my town and it's my boyfriend's birthday on Wednesday, so I need to recharge my batteries first this weekend!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

I'm so making these - they look like perfection for me! You'll find the recipe here or here where there's three amazing recipes!

Photo from Loveandoliveoil.com
Photo from Landeeseelandeedo.blogspot.com

Caipirinha Truffles

Now, here's a great summer alternative to rich truffles! Not as heavy but very refreshing, it's just perfect for all the caipirinha lovers :) Here's the recipe for the white chocolate ones and look here for the ones coated with cocoa powder. Now just pick your favourites!

Photo from Thecookieshopinenglish.wordpress.com
Photo from Technicolorkitcheninenglish.blogspot.com

Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Truffles

Ok, they are not really truffles but they look right! The thought of fresh raspberries and soft chocolate makes me drool :)  Get the recipe here!

Photos from cherrapeno.com

White chocolate passion fruit truffles

I found this recipe on Technicolor Kitchen food blog and then I found two more that caught my eye so I'm sharing all of them with you! These truffles are soft and delicate, with a little zing from the  passion fruit - yum! Here's the recipe.

Dark chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut truffles

That's sounds divine! Very rich and aromatic; a perfect Winter treat!

 White chocolate, cranberry and Cointreau truffles

This is a quite unusual combination of flavours but I think it works perfectly!

 Photos from Technicolorkitcheninenglish.blogspot.com 

Wasabi Truffles

Talking about unusual flavour combinations... :) They are made with crystallized ginger and freshly grated daruma wasabi which is the milder of the two major wasabi varieties, with a slight sweetness in the aftertaste. Wow - I can't wait to try this recipe! Find it here.

Photo from Tri2cook.blogspot.com

Tiramisu Truffles

White chocolate, mascarpone cheese, Marsala wine and good quality coffee - for me that sounds heavenly! Get the recipe here!

Photo from Notsohumblepie.blogspot.com

Nutella Chocolate Truffles

Who doesn't like Nutella? Only three ingredients and so much happiness :) A recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

Photo from Steamykitchen.com

Do the Truffle Shuffle! :D

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Society for Rational Dress Spring 2011 Collection

Today I dream of the Society for National Dress Spring 2011 collection

The label was founded in 2005 by designer Corrine Grassini. The brand was named after a group of women who wanted to have freedom in what they wore at the end of the 19th century. 

Corrine creates tailored clothes with the aim of making women feel comfortable and confident. The new Spring 2011 collection reflects that in every way - just check out the lookbook!

My favourite piece from this collection is that lovely tan trench coat - it is exactly what I was looking for for Spring!

You can't miss the shoes either, what do you think of them?

 Photos from Societyforrationaldress.com

Oooh, I wish you could be mine beautiful trench coat...

 Pictures from Bonadrag.com

High society! :)

Monday 23 May 2011

Maurie and Eve Winter 2011 Collection

Today I dream of Maurie and Eve's Winter 2011 Collection.

I feel like it was made especially for me, I love absolutely everything about it: the colours, shapes, fabrics - it's all just perfect!

Maurie & Eve is an another fantastic, young Australian label. The collection is minimal but definitely not boring. It's based on classic and clean shapes - a refined simplicity.

The colour palette is beautiful - from mustard and black to soft, peachy shades and neutral tones I think it's my favourite Winter 2011 collection so far although it can be worn as well in Spring here in the UK.

What do you think?

 Photos from Maurieandeve.com

A winter's Eve :)

Sunday 22 May 2011

Cosmic Wonder Light Source

Today I dream of Cosmic Wonder's new Spring/Summer 2011 collection called "Spectral Coast".

Cosmic Wonder is a conceptual project initiated in 1997 by artist Yukinori Maeda. It is composed of three distinct activities; Cosmic Wonder (artworks), Cosmic Wonder Light Source (fashion and lifestyle project) and Cosmic Wonder Free Press (book and music publishing).

The entire production process is certified chemical-free and fair-trade. All products are hand-dyed with herbs such as akane, gardenia, pomegranate, mulberry leaf, rose bengal, catechu, and natural indigo. Prints are also done by hand with herbal dyes.

What do you think of this ecologically-focused collection? I'm so in love with those shoes - you can buy them here!

 Photos from Cosmicwonder.com 

 Photo from Mnzstore.com

Cosmically wonderful and wonderfully cosmic! :)