Tuesday 28 June 2011

Colours in Nature

Today I dream about vivid colours in a natural setting.

These bright colours are so unexpected to see in nature and that's why they are so captivating. Some of them are natural, most of them not, but they are all so beautiful and inspiring!

Photo from Thevamoose.com
Photo from Honestlywtf.com
Photo from Pinterest.com
Photo from Thevamoose.com
Photo from Film-grain.tumblr.com
Photo from Flickr.com
Photo from Helmo.fr
Photo from Pinterest.com
Photo from Pinterest.com

Naturally colourful!

Monday 27 June 2011

Casa China Blanca

Today I dream about spending Summer in this luxurious villa located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The beautiful and super modern Casa China Blanca overlooks the Pacific Ocean’s Banderas Bay. I would like to see how would I feel in a place like that, it's not my style and I'm quite sure I couldn't live there but spending few weeks there would be a great experience!

The spectacular views, amazing pool and white interiors took over my love for tents and nature :)

If you watched the movie "Limitless" featuring Bradley Cooper then you should remember this house. With the cost of up to $2500 per night I guess I'll have to get my tent ready :)

 Photos from Home-designing.com

Limitless Luxury :)

Sunday 26 June 2011

Hoss Intropia Summer 2011 Collection

Today I dream of the Summer 2011 collection from Hoss Intropia.

The collection is so variable, there's something for everyone in it - from safari style, through girly, flowy pieces, Aztec prints, oriental inspirations to classic tailoring and glamorous style.

This is what I like about it - it could fill my wardrobe and I would never have to worry about finding something suitable for any occasion. I love the colour palette - nothing bright, no neons, just natural, earthy tones.

Photos from Hossintropia.com

Like a Hoss! :)

Saturday 25 June 2011

Saturday Recipes - Frozen Pies!

Today I dream of trying these wonderful frozen pie recipes this Summer.

If Summer ever comes to the UK this year, frozen pie would be a perfect dessert! It's not ice cream and it's not a pie but something delicious that's in between the two - light, fluffy and refreshing on a crunchy base.

Check out this week's recipes which I've chosen for you, enjoy!

Frozen Mocha Pie

I love the combination of coffee and chocolate - it's sweet but not too sweet thanks to the bitterness of the coffee. A crunchy, buttery base and a luscious filling topped with chocolate ganache... mmm! Get the recipe here!

Photo from Handletheheat.com

Frozen Raspberry Pie

It looks just beautiful and I'm sure it tastes even better! The base is made of chocolate wafers but Oreos could be a great replacement. If you want to achieve even more intensive colour, use black raspberries. Find the recipe here!

Photo from Backtothecuttingboard.com
Frozen Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie

The recipe for the pie comes from Martha Stewart's new Pies and Tarts book but it has been upgraded. We have Oreo crust, and a combination of cream cheese, peanut butter and sugar with whipped cream to help lighten the texture. Melted chocolate and peanut butter are then drizzled over the top. Delicious! Click for the recipe!

Photos from Traceysculinaryadventures.blogspot.com

Frozen Mojito Pi

When I hear the word 'mojito' I don't need any more details - I know I will love it! :)

A cold, creamy, minty, sweet and savory pie on a hot day, what more could you want? The only thing I'm not sure about is the base made of pretzels but it's definitely worth trying! Get the recipe here!

Photo from Foodbeast.com

Frozen Banana Bourbon Pie

Usually when I hear that something is vegan friendly, gluten and sugar free and would never make it because it sounds so bland but this recipe looks and sounds so delicious I'm really tempted to try it! Find the recipe here!

Photos from Cleangreensimple.com 

Easy as pie! :)

Friday 24 June 2011

Eleven Objects

Today I dream of these fantastic collars from Eleven Objects - a wonderful brand founded by Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee.

Linh previously worked at TSE and Alexander Wang. Christine designed her line, CRHEE, which was featured in Marie Claire, WWD, and Teen Vogue, and has also worked as a marketing coordinator for BOYY.

The Fall/Winter 2011 collection is the first one from Eleven Objects and it's already a big success. I love the studs, crystals, animal patterns and all those small details - all the collars are designed to perfection!

Photos from Elevenobjects.com

Pop Ya' Collar!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Erin Heatherton by Enrique Badulescu

Today I dream of this beautiful photoshoot of Erin Heatherton for Vogue Russia July 2011.

It's so nice to see Erin doing something other than Victoria's Secret lingerie shoots. She's such a great model - I'm in love with her freckles!

I like photographer Enrique Badulescu's use of contrast - the colours are popping! Although I don't really like neon I could look at these pictures for hours - I miss Summer so much!

Photos from Fashionone.com

Neon waves!

Monday 20 June 2011

Mother Jeans

Today I dream of Mother's jeans - not my mother's, although she's pretty stylish :)

Mother is a fantastic new brand founded by Lela Tillem and Tim Kaeding in 2010. Time formerly was Head of Design for 7 for All Mankind and Lela was a President of Sales at Citizens of Humanity, so this duo know exactly what they're doing!

I already wrote about the nightmare of buying new jeans here and since then I still didn't find any for myself :( I think I'm too demanding on my wallet, considering the possibilities...

Oh well, at least I can look at these beautiful, perfect jeans created by Mother and dream about winning the lottery...

 Photos from Honestlywtf.com

Mother knows best :)