Wednesday 15 June 2011

Collette Dinnigan's House

Today I dream of this beautiful house which belongs to fashion designer Collette Dinnigan in Paddington.

I'm in love with this house! The interiors are a perfect blend of white and airy without being too minimalist and glaringly white.

Sometimes when I see a house I just get the feeling that I would feel good and be happy in it and that's exactly the feeling I got about this house!

This house is wonderful from every side, the front is so charming, the back with the pool and little dining area looks so inviting - I also love the attic bedrooms, floors, rugs... the house is just perfect!

 Pictures from

Paddington pad :)


  1. the first pic is awesome!

  2. Oh wow, that pool is pretty amazing, I think I want one :).

  3. Ooooooooo i to jest to co lubię! Kuchnia z widokiem na basem - dzizas, czy projektant tego domu jest żonaty???:) :) :)

  4. Aaaaa i jeszcze jedno: co do włascicielki domu - ma bardzo fajną kolekcję bielizny. Bardzo!

  5. Kuchnia jest idealna! Nie wiem czy ma zone, jak nie to pewnie trzeba juz stanac w kolejce :) Fakt, bielizna jest super ale projektantka musi byc troche szalona bo sprzedaje ten dom!