Tuesday 26 February 2013

Blogger's Homes - Elin Parr

Today I dream about this gorgeous home with stunning views located in Norway.

The house belong to Elin Parr, a very talented photographer and the creator of the blog Draumesidene. The house is built high up on a hill and it overlooks mountains and fjords. It's located in a tiny village with only about a hundred inhabitants which sounds like a perfect location to me!

Apart from the obviously amazing views, the interior is equally beautiful. I love the simple white, black and grey colour palette combined with cold steel and cosy natural wood. What I love even more, is all of the carefully chosen details, ornaments and patterns.

I love the combination of stripy rugs, printed cushions and rustic decorations. It's a beautiful mix of modern design with hand-made furniture, antiques and rustic charm.

The pictures were taken by Carina Olander and styled by Anna Truelsen.

Photos from Expressen.se

Parr-fect home! :)

Sunday 24 February 2013

Katie Rogers' Fashion Illustrations

Today I dream about Katie Rogers' magical fashion illustrations.

Katie is the girl behind the beautiful blog PaperFashion which she started in 2009. Katie turned her hobby into a very successful business and it has really paid off. The list of her clients include Coach, Kate Spade, Shiseido and many, many more.

When I first saw her glittering fashion watercolours I instantly fell in love. She carefully choses a fashion illustration and then transforms it into watercolours, adds sequins, glitter, beads and Swarovski crystals which makes the paintings really come alive.

The thing I love the most about Katie's art is how she shows femininity and old style glamorous beauty which is a rare find nowadays.

You can buy her art prints and paintings here for a very reasonable price. Make sure to also check out Katie's Facebook page and Pinterest profile for many, many inspirations!

Photos from Paperfashion.net

Glitterai - When fashion meets paper! :D

Sunday 17 February 2013

Palmer//Harding Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Today I dream about the super sleek Autumn/Winter 2013 collection by Palmer//Harding.

The label which was launched in 2011 by the London based duo of Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding first started of with a modest shirt line. As simple as it might sound, finding the perfect shirt might be really tricky. I'm still searching for my perfect shirt that would look equally good in daytime looks as it would in the evening depending on the accessories.

This season Palmer//Harding have expanded their line into skirts and jackets, but the shirt remains the creative duo's main interest. Although the collection looks really sleek and simple with a very basic colour palette, it's all about the details here. Pleats, great quality fabrics and interesting cuts make every piece of the collection truly unique.

What I love the most about this collection is how feminine and effortlessly chic it is.

What about you, did you find your perfect shirt?

Photos from Palmerharding.4ormat.com

Getting shirty :)