Wednesday 31 October 2012

Blogger's Homes - Kelly Framel

Today I dream about this amazing apartment owned by Kelly Framel of the Glamourai.

Kelly, one of the most popular fashion bloggers, shares this wonderful space located in Brooklyn, New York with her photographer boyfriend Gregg.

The interior is very much different to what I normally post about - it's very opulent, exotic and full of treasures :)

I love the simple colour palette of black, white, silver and gold. Black and white make a perfect background for all the golden accessories and details. Every room is a unique collection of vintage finds and one of a kind pieces which makes the space full of personality.

The living room is a risky mixture of black and white, metallics, animal prints and sleek clear furniture. It's a brave thing to mix all those patterns and colour schemes together but Kelly and Greg definitely made it work! I love that brass gazelle resting on the coffee table - how pretty is that?

Kelly's love for antiques and vintage also shows in her closet and her huge collection of jewellery which for me is a real treasure as it's all truly unique and irreplaceable.

I really like how the interior is all glamorous and glitzy but at the same side still warm and cosy. How do you like it?

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Glam rocks! :)

Monday 29 October 2012

Christophe Lemaire Fall 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the fantastic Fall 2012 collection by Christophe Lemaire.

I kept this post in my endless list of drafts for so long that I'd almost forgotten I'd written it. Luckily I have found it and thanks to my little delay now I can show you two collections instead of just one :)

I have to admit that before seeing this collection I had never heard of this brilliant French designer which is a shame, especially when I realised how much I've missed! Now Christophe, Hermès’ creative director is growing his own label and so far, it's been a huge success.

The autumn collection just charmed me with the oversized silhouettes, straight cuts and a simple colour palette. I love Christophe's choice of fabrics - wool, silk, cotton, suede, tweed and plush are just perfect for autumn! The whole collection is quite androgynous and edgy. I love the layering and the use of colour which accentuates it. Also, the way of presenting it is really something different, instead of posing on a white background, the models wander around the mysterious, empty apartment which creates a really enigmatic atmosphere. This French kind of effortless chic and nonchalance always gets me :)

I would also like to share with you Christophe's new Spring 2013 collection as I think it's a great continuation of the theme. This time instead of an apartment it's painter's atelier. The colour palette is a bit braver and more alive, from ultramarine, amber yellow, green, burgundy to good old black, white, cream and navy. Christophe replaced the typical winter fabrics with breathable and lightweight poplin, linen, cotton, muslin and silk. The silhouettes stayed slouchy and boyfriend-like but still very feminine.

Christophe says that he creates sophisticated kinds of workwear and easy wear. He also says that he wants to make a women friendly pieces - clothes that women look and feel good in. I can definitely see myself easily becoming best friends with these clothes :) How about you?

Fall 2012 collection

Spring 2013 collection
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Lemaire spectaculaire!

Saturday 27 October 2012

Reiss Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the amazing Autumn/Winter 2012 collection by Reiss.

Reiss is a well-established British brand founded in 1971 by David Reiss and is known for dressing everyone from the Royal family to Hollywood stars.

The company's philosophy is all abut creating great quality, classic pieces and giving them contemporary updates to keep things fresh and modern.

The new collection is just a perfect example of that - classic pieces, simple cuts and clean lines but with added modern spirit. I just love the colours, from the deep aubergine, berry and burgundy tones to all shades of green like emerald and mint and moving on to salmon pink, mustard and midnight blue - what an amazing combination!

My favourite part of the collection is the coats and this season it's all about the volume. Cocoon coats and oversized silhouettes made a huge come-back this autumn which I'm very happy about as I'm a big fan of the voluminous look, especially in the cold winter.

To keep the minimalist aesthetic, all the details are kept very clean and simple. Looking at the coats, I can see the inspiration coming from Chloe, Jill Sander and Celine's A/W 2012 collections, which is great, especially when you compare the prices :)

I'm in love, what do you think?

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Reiss's pieces :)

Thursday 25 October 2012

Personal Style - Pernille Teisbæk

Today I dream about the super cool personal style of Pernille Teisbæk.

Pernille is a freelance stylist, model and the owner of my favourite newly discovered blog - Look de Pernille.

As well as looking awesome, this Dutch beauty is also the fashion director at Alt for Damerne and fashion editor at Eurowoman magazine. Her style is really effortless, casual and if I had to describe it in one sentence I would say that she is the epitome of Isabel Marant's philosophy.

I love how she mixes high street brands with designer pieces, she really always gets it right! Me and Pernille both share a love for chunky, cosy knits, boyfriend jeans, oversized coats, leather jackets and denim but combined with her beauty and model posture she would look good in anything :)

Do you like her style?

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The Dutch-ess :)

Monday 22 October 2012

Brook&Lyn Jewellery

Today I dream about this beautiful minimalist jewellery by Brook&Lyn.

Brook&Lyn is a brand founded by Mimi Jung who is another great example of how to turn a creative blog into a business.

Brook&Lyn started in 2008 and after a few years it was named one of New York's top ten fashion blogs by the The Huffington Post. After a great response from Mimi's readers to one of her DIY jewellery project posts she decided to launch her own label with her first collection entitled 'Surrounded'.

The primary shape of Mimi's designs is a circle thanks to it protective abilities. As for the materials, she uses handmade patina glass mirrors, saddle leather and hand-dyed cotton. Her designs are really simple and would perfectly complement any minimalist look.

Have a look at the new collection called 'Medaled' and check out my favourite pieces from it below. The lookbook for the collection was styled by the creator of the Stop It Right Now blog - Jayne Min. If you don't know her blog yet make sure to check it out here! You might also remember Jayne from her awesome tweed jumpsuit that she wore during the New York Fashion Week, I was shocked when I found out it was from ASOS!

Anyway, have a look at the beautiful lookbook styled by Jayne, photographed by Mimi and modelled by the lovely Leah.

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Circle of life :)

Thursday 18 October 2012

New Feature - Blogger's Homes

Today I dream about this beautiful house which belongs to Danish blogger and fashion designer Stephanie Gundalech.

This is the first feature from my new series - Blogger's Homes - which I will try to update as often as possible. It's always cool to see how the most creative, fashionable and interesting fellow bloggers live.

Stephanie is a part of the fabulous trio behind and fashion label Brics which I wrote about here. Not long ago, my fellow blogger friend Fashionitka wrote a great post about walls full of frames with photos, collages, drawings and posters. It's such a great idea to decorate your space without having to spend a lot of money. Choosing your favourite prints and pictures will add personality and lots of character to any interior.

The walls were the first things I noticed about this house and they are the special something that makes it unique. You can tell that Sarah loves her art and she combined pieces that normally wouldn't really go well together in her unique way making her house ooze personality and great taste.

The other thing I love about Sarah's home is the beautiful soft hues of blue, blush pink, nude and my beloved white combined with the oriental rugs (which look surprisingly good contrasted with the clear chairs).

How do you like it?

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Home is where the art is!