Tuesday 9 October 2012

Ellery Resort 2013 Collection

Today I dream about the amazing Resort 2012 collection by Ellery.

As you may know I'm a big fan of Kym Ellery and I previously mentioned her collections here and here. This time this talented Australian fashion designer presents her sleek and sparkly Resort 2012 collection.

I instantly loved the metallic fabrics and architectural silhouettes which are also slightly sporty and a bit Balenciaga-like.

I also love the colours, from basic, clean white to rich jewel tones of emerald, deep aubergine and of course silver, lots of silver! As for the fabrics, Kym went for a really wide range, from lightweight linens and chiffon to heavier organza and silk.

It's a modern and futuristic combination of peplums, puffed shoulders, sleek waistcoats, drapes, prints and many others... It seems like a lot but Kym really made it work, have a look!

Photos from Elleryland.com and Fashiondub.com

The last resort :)

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