Monday 22 October 2012

Brook&Lyn Jewellery

Today I dream about this beautiful minimalist jewellery by Brook&Lyn.

Brook&Lyn is a brand founded by Mimi Jung who is another great example of how to turn a creative blog into a business.

Brook&Lyn started in 2008 and after a few years it was named one of New York's top ten fashion blogs by the The Huffington Post. After a great response from Mimi's readers to one of her DIY jewellery project posts she decided to launch her own label with her first collection entitled 'Surrounded'.

The primary shape of Mimi's designs is a circle thanks to it protective abilities. As for the materials, she uses handmade patina glass mirrors, saddle leather and hand-dyed cotton. Her designs are really simple and would perfectly complement any minimalist look.

Have a look at the new collection called 'Medaled' and check out my favourite pieces from it below. The lookbook for the collection was styled by the creator of the Stop It Right Now blog - Jayne Min. If you don't know her blog yet make sure to check it out here! You might also remember Jayne from her awesome tweed jumpsuit that she wore during the New York Fashion Week, I was shocked when I found out it was from ASOS!

Anyway, have a look at the beautiful lookbook styled by Jayne, photographed by Mimi and modelled by the lovely Leah.

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Circle of life :)


  1. I zdjęcia, i stylizacje, i biżuteria - coś pięknego. Klimat tych ostatnich, jakby lookbookowych zdjęc, kojarzy mi się trochę z tym,co w Polsce robi Ania Ławska.

    1. Bardzo trafne porownanie, Anie Lawska tez uwielbiam!

  2. Wow, this is amazing, what an interesting collection.