Friday 12 April 2013

Personal Style - Marina Larroudé

Today I dream about Marina Larroudé's amazing style!

Marina is a market director for which means that she covers high-end designers and accessories and clearly she knows what she's talking about!

Before joining the team, Marina - who grew up in Araçatuba and São Paulo - was a contributing editor for Vogue Brasil. I think that 'modern classic' describes her style well. She loves all the timeless wardrobe essentials like denim, chambray, stripes, military parkas, blue and white shirts and biker jackets and then gives them a modern edge with her killer heels and attention grabbing details.

She's not afraid of prints and bold colours but always mixes them in perfect balance. Combined with her simple hair, minimal jewellery and a smile it gives her that girl next door chic!

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As a little bonus, here's a peek into Marina's wardrobe! To see more, visit The Coveteur :)

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Samba de Marina :)