Sunday 15 May 2011

Vilshenko Collections

Today I dream of Vilshenko's new collection. 

Vilshenko is the line of Olga Vilshenko - a designer from the Ural region of Russia who combines a sense of eastern heritage, artistry and folklore with western couture.

This new fashion label was launched with a Spring/Summer 2011 collection in London which is inspired by '60s silhouettes and a structured '90s masculinity.

Classic construction, minimalist silhouettes and rich detailing are the brand's characteristic features. Have a look at some of my favourite looks from the the Spring/Summer 2011 collection as well as the new Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection!

Autumn/Winter 20011/12 Collection - I don't usually like prints but these ones totally enchanted me!

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From Russia with Love :)


  1. Love the dress is the 3rd image, beautiful color.

  2. hope tonight i'll dream of this, too...
    instead of having a diploma nightmare.


  3. Hahaha :) don't worry, tomorrow I'm starting a new job so that's even worse :)
    Good luck with your diploma! x

  4. wow! thanks! :) and good luck to you, with the new job!


  5. Thank you :) Fingers crossed for no nightmares tonight! x