Sunday 22 May 2011

Cosmic Wonder Light Source

Today I dream of Cosmic Wonder's new Spring/Summer 2011 collection called "Spectral Coast".

Cosmic Wonder is a conceptual project initiated in 1997 by artist Yukinori Maeda. It is composed of three distinct activities; Cosmic Wonder (artworks), Cosmic Wonder Light Source (fashion and lifestyle project) and Cosmic Wonder Free Press (book and music publishing).

The entire production process is certified chemical-free and fair-trade. All products are hand-dyed with herbs such as akane, gardenia, pomegranate, mulberry leaf, rose bengal, catechu, and natural indigo. Prints are also done by hand with herbal dyes.

What do you think of this ecologically-focused collection? I'm so in love with those shoes - you can buy them here!

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Cosmically wonderful and wonderfully cosmic! :)


  1. BUTY!!!!!!! Cudowne! Widzę, że mamy bardzo podobny gust:) Natomiast co do samej kolekcji: klasyka w fajnym wydaniu. Podoba mi się!

  2. Tez to zauwazylam! buty sa genialne ale czemu taaaaakie drogie :(

  3. This collection is really beautiful, but... I don't like the shoes.

  4. i love those shorts with the bow on em!

    <3 steffy
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