Monday 18 June 2012

Toast Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the lovely Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Toast.

The collection is divided into four separate catalogues - early spring, spring, summer and high summer. I chose my favourite looks from each one of them hence the huge amount of pictures in this post :)

I remember seeing Toast stores when I used to live in London and now I deeply regret never going in. All their stores are in really lovely buildings and the interiors are always eye-catching. I love Toast for being able to shop for both clothes and homeware at the same time. The homeware is in the same spirit as the clothing, embodying simplicity and good design!

Another reason for being a fan of Toast is their ethical policy - they really do everything possible to impact the environment in the least negative way which means good quality organic materials, recycling, not testing on animals and supporting charities.

Apart from all this, they really make great clothes :) I really like the simple but sophisticated and effortless looking style - it always brings summer holidays to my mind!

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Have a slice of Toast! :)


  1. I te zdjęcia...z rowerem,ach!:)

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  3. ehh cudowny klimat. Żakiety są naprawdę doskonałe