Wednesday 20 July 2011

Perfect Summer House

Today I dream about spending the whole summer in this charming little house :)

This restored old cottage looks like a perfect refuge - I can see myself there sleeping until noon, reading books, cooking, watching old movies with my boyfriend and working on my blog of course :) In one word - perfection!

I never used to like any shades of pink in a house but when I look at all those fuchsia rugs, throws and kitchenware I think I got converted - it looks just lovely. I love the exterior of this house - with those big windows it looks just like its from some fairytale.

What I like the most about the interior is how cozy it is without being too 'villagey', the fireplace and all the woolen throws and blankets make it looks so comfortable! For the summers like we're experiencing this year when you can only dream about lying on the beach or swimming in the sea (brr) this little cottage would be my perfect summer house!

 Photos from

House of Love :)


  1. Ja bym z takiego domu nie wychodziła! Taki sielski i ten pled na łóżku w sypialni. Cudo!

  2. that is the sweetest house ever! xx

  3. OOOO, sweet. I want to be there, doing nothing all ay long.