Monday 4 July 2011

Michael Angel 2012 Resort Collection

Today I dream about Michael Angel's Resort 2012 collection.

The New York designer could be the new king of prints, the way he blends different colours and textures is very unique.

His designs have appeared in American, Italian and German Vogue, in various Numero magazines and many others. His fans include celebrities such as Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Although I'm not a big fan of prints I can still appreciate good design and this collection is really good! I love the vibrant colours, and the interesting and unusual prints and shapes.

The lookbook is really cool, I like the simple black background and the model - Anna de Rijk looks so interesting here, she's like a chameleon!

Today I'm going on holiday for a week :) so to keep you entertained I will have a wonderful guest blogger - my talented boyfriend Kevin - I hope you will enjoy his posts!

Photos from

Prince of prints :)


  1. świetne wzory, rewelacyjne kroje - biorę wszystko!:)

  2. Też nie jestem fanką printów, ale nie da się ukryć - te są świetnie wydane. W połączeniu ze zdecydowanymi krojami tworzą coś swietnego!

  3. Rzeczywiście printy są świetne, sama mam na nie ochotę w sezonie jesiennym, łączone warstwowo ze swetrami i grubymi rajstopami będą wyglądać świetnie:)

  4. hehe! One more collection... this is such a great collection... and it's sooo funny that i have it lined up for posting, too. :D :D :D I think i'll post is sometime later.
    There are so many things to like about this, but I think what I like most is this painterly quality.

    Have an amazing holiday! Can't wait what you boyfriend will post.