Sunday 3 July 2011

Erin Wasson by Fred Meylan

Today I dream about this fantastic photoshoot of Erin Wasson.

The pictures appeared in this month's edition of Elle France. The shoot is called 'Summer of Rock' and this title matches the vibe perfectly.

Erin is just perfect here, I really like her as a model and I love her Low Luv jewellery line. I adore the feeling of the Southern States; this is why I love these pictures and it's probably why Texas-born Erin looks so cool here!

I wish I could spend my Summer just like this - chilling out on a porch with my boyfriend, going on adventures with my dogs, playing guitar and driving that radical old-school pick-up truck!

Photos from

"I'm going back down south" :)


  1. She's so inspiring!
    beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx

  2. Świetna sesja, w ogóle uwielbiam Erin sprawdza się we wszystkich możliwych stylizacjach:)


  3. Też lubię Erin...i takie wakacje też mi się marzą, tylko niech domek będzie w Szwecji:)