Thursday 17 November 2011

Karlie Kloss in Vogue Germany, December 2011

Today I dream about this stunning photoshoot of Karlie Kloss by Alexi Lubomirski.

Normally I don't post about haute couture involving editorials as it's not my style but I love Karlie and the pictures are so amazing I couldn't help myself :)

Not that long ago I wrote about Karlie's personal style, lately we've seen her debut in the Victoria's Secret show and now she surprises again with a totally different look! I love the vibe of the shoot - a bit oriental, a bit decadent and very glamorous plus what rich colours!

As for the styling, there's everything here: gold, pearls, flowers and fur. Everything looks kind of mismatched but in the context of the shoot at all makes perfect sense. Karlie looks graceful as usual but also sultry and mysterious.

Looks like we got a new Couture queen!

 Photos from

 A different Kloss! :)


  1. Taka niedostępna, chłodna. Pasuje do tych zdjęć.

  2. czysta fantazja... czekam na sesję couture, która trochę odejdzie od przepychu ubrań

  3. Ach, piękna sesja. Taka azjatycka. Zdjęcie z psem rządzi:)