Monday 14 November 2011

A Tip for Creating Casual Daytime Looks

Today I dream about learning the difficult skill of looking casual yet stylish.

For me, casual is the most difficult look of all. When I stand in front of my wardrobe everyday in the morning, my usual choice is jeans, a jumper or a t-shirt and that's it. How boring is that!? I'm just overpowered by the amount of clothes, colours and textures and simply can't make any creative decisions so I go with the easy one.

But it doesn't have to be that way! All you have to do is to make a complete set of clothes, either in your head or like I did, using one of the many online apps like Polyvore. Then make sure you keep the complimentary pieces close to each other in your wardrobe so you don't have to spend ages looking for them.

It's really useful when you're going on a shopping trip, lunch with your girlfriends or a daytime date with your boyfriend and you don't want to scream, cry or curse in front of your wardrobe :)

To save yourself some time and ease your nerves, simply create looks that you like and can achieve with what you already have, print them out, hang on the inside doors of your wardrobe and it's ready :)

What's you idea for a perfect, casual look?

Photos: Some casual looks I created myself!

Be casual, not a casualty ;)


  1. Ile pięknych rzeczy, te miękkie (tzn tak je sobie wyobrażam), kremowe swetry...zachwyt :)

  2. That first look is amazing, so so cool and elegant.

  3. Ładnie to wszystko zestawiłaś:)
    Najbardziej w moim stylu jest przedostatni look.

  4. Piekne zestawy, aż sama zaraz usiądę do polyvore:)