Wednesday 10 August 2011

Wackerhaus Spring/Summer 2012

Today I dream about the new Wackerhaus Spring/Summer2012 collection.

Wackerhaus is a Danish brand founded in 2003 by Trine Wackerhausen. "To me fashion is art but it is also important that my designs are wearable and practical... of course with a strong dash of refined and feminine elegance", says Wackerhausen about her designs.

There are so many things that I like about this collection: lightweight materials, metallics, knots and ruffles. All the clothes have such a beautiful, classic, clean cut - that gives them a timeless look. I also like the delicate, pastel colours plus the black and silver which makes this collection even more exciting.

I like Wackerhaus for the feminine silhouette, simplicity and minimalism, what do you think?

 Photos from

House of Wackerhaus :)


  1. I love the palazzo pants! <3 They are truly divine! And I adore the blue blouse too! What a gorgeous collection!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Piękna kolekcja ! Szczególnie podobają mi się 4 pierwsze sylwetki! Są jak pudrowe sorbety. Piękne!

  3. Love that first outfit, it looks amazing.

  4. Pierwszy i drugi look - poproszę:)

  5. Adelina my chyba mamy bardzo podobne gusta - cała kolekcja podoba mi się wprost strasznie - połączenie pasteli i metalicznych materiałów -ideał!
    Jestem zachwycona:):)

  6. Dzieki dziewczyny :) Milena, jesli mamy podobne gusta to supet bo twoj gust jest swietny! Aga, mi tez najbardziej podobaja sie pierwsze dwa looki, mam slabosc do koszul.

  7. This looks so beautiful! I absolutely love the sultry metallics.