Friday 19 August 2011

Saturday Recipes - Cookie Sandwich!

Today I dream about trying all those cookie recipes!

It's time for part two of my giant cookie post :) This time it's cookie sandwiches, whoopie pies, alfajores - in general any cookies with filling in the middle.  The summer is almost over and what can be better on a windy and rainy autumn day than a cup of tea with some cookies?!

Have a look at the recipes and tell me which ones are your favourites!

Dulce La Leche Alfajores

I think I mentioned that dulche la leche is one of the best things in life :) A crumbly cookie with a sweet and sticky dulche la leche sounds like a dream for me! I have found two ways of making them. In the first one the cookies are rather flat and crunchy and in the second version they are softer and bigger. Click for the first recipe! Here's the second version!

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Brownie Cookie Dough Sandwich

These look just divine! They must be like 1000kcal in just one, but if they taste like they look then it's worth it :) Get the recipe here!

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Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Awww, how cute are these!? Who doesn't like red velvet cake - perfect idea for V-day :) Get the recipe here!

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Banana Caramel Whoopie Pies

Banana and caramel make a perfect, delicious combination that works for me every time! I have to try these fluffy cookie sandwiches! Click for the recipe!

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

Another combination that everybody knows and loves. Peanut butter and jelly is delicious in a sandwich so in a cookie it must be even better! Find the recipe here!

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I did it all for the cookie! :)