Sunday 9 October 2011

Loft Apartment in Östermalm

Today I dream about this charming two bedroom apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Östermalm is one of the most populous districts in central Stockholm - it is a wealthy area with one of the highest house prices in Sweden. 

It could be the only reason why this amazing house is still on the market because if you look at that terrace there's no way you wouldn't fall in love with it! The 25 square metre terrace is definitely my favourite part of the apartment. 

Apart from the obvious - great views - thanks to the combination of white and blue stripes with red flowers it's got that nautical charm to it which I love! The rest of the house is very modern, almost all white with a few colour pops and beautiful oak floors but thanks to that amazing fireplace it's still warm and cosy.

Photo from

Stockholm syndrome :)

EDIT: Unfortunately the rest of the pictures of the apartment were taken offline :( Maybe the apartment was sold! Even though there is just one picture now, we can still appreciate the terrace :)


  1. Cudo, ale kojarzy mi się strasznie wakacyjnie, może przez te niebiesko-białe pasy? Jak już będę obrzydliwie bogata, to kupię sobie takie mieszkanie jako jedno z moich wakacyjnych schronień ;):)

  2. Adelina zrób posta o tarasach:) To może być początek dla dogłębnych poszukiwań w tym temacie. Skandynawskie balkony są najlepsze:)

  3. Swietny pomysl! Wkurzylam sie jak usuneli reszte zdjec ale moze bedzie to poczatek czegos dobrego :) Zgadzam sie, skandynawskie balkony jak i domy i moda sa najlepsze!