Wednesday 12 October 2011

Anja Konstantinova for Stylestalker

Today I dream about this beautiful lookbook for the Australian brand launched in 2008 - Stylestalker.

The label was founded by Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic and their new collection called "Baby's On Fire" is as lovely as the accompanying lookbook.

I first noticed Anja in Dion Lee's lookbook which I wrote about here some time ago and I was struck with her unusual beauty. I think she was a perfect choice for this lookbook, not only because of her cat-themed tattoos but because of how her beauty matches the soft, dreamy colours of the shoot.

As for the collection, it's not very up to date as I can't imagine wearing any of those flowy dresses and chiffon shirts at this time of year but for the next summer it's just perfect! The other reason why I love this lookbook is more personal - I love cats, but I also know how hard it is to take a good picture with a cat in it!

The photographer - Darren McDonald, as well as Anja and of course the cat did a great job though - the pictures are breathtaking! Also, watch the video in which you can see the clothes in movement which is always a good thing as well as the amazing way that Anja works!

Photos from

The Cat's Meow :)


  1. Ach, jaki kocur i ciekawa modelka o nietuzinkowej urodzie. Filmik idealny do tej sesji:)

  2. Przez tego miauczącego pana to ja w ogóle nie patrzę na ubrania ;) Już się poprawiam! Kolekcja rzeczywiście letnia...albo na przytulne wieczory w domu, właśnie z takim kocurkiem ;)

  3. och, jak ja się cieszę że dodałaś tą sesję, bo trafiłam przypadkiem na jedno zdjęcie w internecie i nie wiedziałam co to za sesja


  4. Anja ma niesamowitą urodę - zapraszam ;)

  5. This editorial is so beautiful, so elegant and that kitty is so sweet.

  6. Very chic photos.

  7. Jest cudowna! :)

    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie na konkurs, w którym do wygrania są BONY NA BUTY ze sklepu :)