Sunday 17 July 2011

Suvi Koponen in the 'Style Hunter'

Today I dream of this cool photoshoot from the new British Vogue made by Raymond Meier.

The shoot is inspired by street-style bloggers like the fantastic Tommy Ton and Garance Dore. The pictures look like they could be straight from The Sartorialist or fashion Tumblrs - you can tell than even Vogue can't deny the blogging phenomenon.

I love the crazy styling of Charlotte Pilcher, I believe she gives us a little wink while going over the top with every trend in each outfit. The model Suvi looks totally different in every picture, I can't even say which picture is my favourite here!

Photos from

Vogue - Blog a pose :)


  1. Rzeczywiście świetna sesja! Ciekawy temat, może to niejako ukłon w stronę blogowego świata? A modelka-kameleon, na każdym zdjęciu wygląda inaczej.

  2. These are so so cool, we need crazy in our lives :).

  3. ooooh! I love the mickey mouse style wooly hat! :D xx

  4. Fajna sesja, na pewno nie jest nudna:) A modelka podoba mi się bardzo!