Saturday 23 July 2011

Saturday Recipes - Snacks!

Today I dream of summer :)

I'm slowly starting to accept the fact that the summer is not coming to UK this year or to Poland where I'm going on holiday in few weeks. I was going to write about sorbets today because I still had hope for tropical heat in my town but it's gray and rainy outside so I thought that a sorbet post would be inappropriate :)

Instead, check out this weeks recipes for healthy (and not so healthy) snacks that you could try while watching TV instead of the same old popcorn. It's just a few little things to keep you happier while still waiting for summer to arrive!

Buttered Rosemary Orange Nuts

Everyone knows how healthy the nuts are and that we should snack on them instead of crisps and sweets but the truth is that they're a bit boring. I think this recipe is great - healthy and full of flavour. I love the flavour and smell of roasted rosemary so this is perfect for me! Click for the recipe!

Spiced Peaches with Ham and Basil

I just realised that I've already got all the ingredients for trying this recipe, yay! I've never tried peaches with meat - melon, sure but peach? Well, it's about time to find out how they taste! The recipe here!

Fig Jam and Cheese Bites

Figs are one of my favourite fruits so I'm sure that I would love these tiny gooey and delicious looking little nibbles! I think I would use fresh figs here that I would roast but I'm sure it's equally good with fig jam. Yummy, simple and ready to eat in few minutes? You got it here!

Banana Bites

Just look at that picture - banana pieces covered in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts and shredded coconut... no further description needed! :) Get the recipe here!

All the pictures and recipes above come from my favourite Framed Cooks blog which I recommend to all food lovers!

Apple Rings

Apples are healthy, right? So what they're deep fried and smothered with icing it still counts, non? :) They look incredible! For the recipe click here!

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Brown Butter and Rosemary Popcorn

A great alternative to the usual salty or sweet popcorn. I mentioned before that I love rosemary, everyone loves butter so why not try this? Recipe here!

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Chili-Lime Roasted Chickpeas

Another thing I've never tried before - roasted chickpeas! I heard that it's really nice but the only way I eat chickpeas is hummus. Crunchy, salty and tangy - sounds great to me! Click for the recipe!

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Rolo Pretzel Bites

For the end, something sweet! It's so easy to make, they look wonderful and I'm sure they taste great! I like the combination of sweet and salty plus my favourite pecan nuts I think that this recipe could be one of my favourite snacks! Find the recipe here!

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"Snack attack, mother-f*cker!" :D


  1. Mmmmniam !

  2. twój blog jest dla mnie mega inspiracją :)

  3. Dzieki Paula, Twoj dla mnie rowniez, uwielbiam Twoje eksperymenty :)

  4. Znowu jestem głodna!:) Ja z przekąsek bardzo lubię: bagietka+pesto(najlepiej własnej roboty)+plasterek mozzarelli+pomidorek+bazylia i do piekarnika. Jak się ser rozpuści, wyjmuję, polewam oliwą, zjadam i jestem szczęsliwa:)