Monday 25 July 2011

Balenciaga Resort 2012

Today I dream about Balenciaga's new Resort 2012 collection.

I swear I have a Balenciaga radar built in - I can recognise Balenciaga from miles away, it's just so different :)

I've always loved Balenciaga and I think that Nicolas Ghesquière is one of the most talented designers of all time. There's so many things that I love about this collection but I think that the main one is the A-line skirts with soft folds - they are just wonderful, don't you think?

The first outfit is my favourite and it's absolutely perfect to me. The fabrics are amazing- so rich and heavy, the shapes are very Balenciaga, I like the earthy colours with a touch of purple and red. Oh... the shoes and bags - I want them all!

I admire Balenciaga for combining things that you would never normally imagine could go together so perfectly and making it work. I'm not sure about the big comeback of the sun visor but I know this trend will find its followers. Fee the full collection here!

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Visor-nary! :)


  1. O matko - REWELACJA! Wreszcie coś nowego. Bardzo fajna kolekcja, bardzo!

  2. I to Resort :O Tez bylam w szoku ale w koncu to Balenciaga :)

  3. Świetna! Te spódnice w kształcie litery A są idealne ale moim faworytem są materiały - tyle tu się dzieje - piękne kolory, fajne faktury i ten metaliczny połysk - nie ma jak Balenciaga:)

  4. Spódnice o linii A - cudo!

    zapraszam do mnie :)