Monday 26 March 2012

Personal Style - Ezgi Kiramer

Today I dream about Ezgi Kiramer's amazing style!

Ezgi is a blogger, a personal shopper and a freelance stylist. She has been working with Lian Kebudi (who's also very chic, see her in the fourth picture) as personal shoppers for four years now - check out their website here!

They also work as freelance stylists and give seminars about image and styling. I love Ezgi's style because every time I see her she looks totally different. One day is classic Parisian chic, the other minimalism and the next it's prints and neon colours.

She plays with fashion in a very cool way, do you like her style?

Photos from, and Tumblr

Edgy Ezgi :)


  1. REWELACJA! (przeprasza za duże litery, ale muszę:))Bardzo fajny styl, właściwie wszystko mi się podoba. Dzięki za tę notkę:)