Thursday 21 April 2011

Runwaydreamz Denim Shorts

Today I also dream of these radical denim shorts from Runwaydreamz.

They are designed by Christian Yasser Massuh who is best known for his eye-catching one-of-a-kind denim designs. Each design is made by hand from vintage denim. I think they are perfect for this summer's colourful trend. I love the colourful tie-dye, studs, lace and flowery details.

I never was a big fan of cut-offs - I blame Tobias from Arrested Development for that phobia :) Summer is coming though and that means heat! So what could be better for high temperatures than a pair of cool cut-offs like these?

Now I just need a pair of perfect legs to go with them :)

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Never-nude! :P


  1. I love all!! sad that my legs don't support them

  2. wow those shorts are amaze! :D xx