Saturday 30 April 2011

Dion Lee Sping/Summer 2011 Collection

Today I dream of Dion Lee's amazing new collection.

Dion is a very talented Australian designer, best known for his architectural approach to tailoring and luxurious choice of fabrics.

To me this collection is very unpredictable - especially the colour palette. First he used Rorschach blots as a print and made them almost look like beautiful flowers. Then he has also combined pleating and knotting to create truly mesmerizing dresses.

All of his designs are constructed in a very artful way and because of that I think he's a designer we should all watch.

Have a look at these photos and a video from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

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Line II lookbook

The wonderful Line II lookbook is designed to accompany Dion Lee's mainline collection and also to stand alone as its own entity.

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Knotty... but nice :)


  1. You are right, this collection is really beautiful.

  2. love these collection! :D
    Great blog!