Wednesday 20 April 2011

LeiVanKash Rings

Today I dream of these chunky and edgy rings from the LeiVanKash collection which is available from Boticca.

They are designed by London based artist Leila Kashanipour who completed her BA in Jewellery Design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London. After Olivia Palermo was spotted wearing one of her rings, LeiVanKash jewellery became really successful.

Big, chunky rings have become really popular lately especially within the fashion blogging community. I think that a striking ring like this could transform any outfit into something interesting, but be careful because it can also be too overpowering.

Is it just a temporary trend or is it worth investing good money in a designer ring? What do you guys think?

As a huge lover of unicorns I'm sure I'll be dreaming of that beautiful unicorn ring way more often :)

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Put a ring on it!


  1. Personally, I think they are timeless pieces and worth investing in. I especially love the rose ring, so beautful... I did an interview with Leila back in January/February this year. She is such am amazing beautiful and warm girl, absolutely adore her.

  2. I agree!The rose ring is really beautiful but my unicorn mania is stronger that my common sense :) I've read your interview before I wrote this post actually, I think it's great!Thanks for sharing, bu the way Oskar is so adorable :)

  3. Thank you for visiting the "photosphera" and chose the blog, very happy to reciprocate with your lovely area.

    A hug

  4. I love that last ring, so beautiful, looks so good on that hand.