Tuesday 24 September 2013

Ulla Johnson Spring 2014 Collection

Today I dream about the beautiful Spring 2014 collection by Ulla Johnson.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Ulla launched her label in 2000. Her signature style is inspired by the streets of New York and the raw energy of the metropolis. She is best known for her clean, feminine style, custom prints and intricate details. I am totally in love with the new collection!

Now that the Summer is over I'll be dreaming of these amazing pieces until next Summer. Having said that, I think that Ulla's new collection is very versatile - most of her pieces would work equally well in Autumn looks. Ulla has managed to combined all my favourite things when it comes to my Summer wardrobe - flowy, lightweight fabrics, colours, stripes, comfortable sandals, espadrilles and hats.

This Summer I rediscovered khaki again and now it's one of my favourite colours. I love the look with the creamy white shirt with back pleats combined with khaki trousers and bright pink sandals. How do you like it?

Photos from Ullajohnson.com

Ulla-la! :)


  1. O proszę, ja dopiero-co pisałam o jesiennej kolekcji pani Johnson (http://www.venilakostis.com/2013/09/ulla-johnson-fall-2013.html, a ty już wiesz, jakimi smakowitymi kąskami projektantka będzie nas karmić przyszłą wiosną! Ach, rozmarzyłam się na widok tej wrzosowej sukienki :)