Sunday 28 July 2013

Each Other Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Today I dream about the gorgeous Fall/Winter 2013 collection by Each Other.

Each Other is a new fashion brand focused on creating elements of enduring style rather than seasonal trends. The label's philosophy is all about timeless, ageless and genderless design.

All the pieces are made in Europe; the jackets and shirts are being made in Porto, Portugal, the leather and denim is made in Padova, Italy and the silk and outerwear is from Paris.

All the pieces created by Each Other are unisex with a masculine direction. At the moment, there are seven artists/designers designing for Each Other and each one of them has created a mini collection. When combined together they create a perfect mixture of minimalism and punk attitude.

The one which caught my eye the most is Naco's, the white stripy biker jacket he designed stole my heart!

The simple lookbook featuring Emilia Nawarecka reflects the brand's philosophy and is focused on the clothes not the settings, which after all is the most important thing!

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Be excellent to Each Other! :)

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