Thursday 13 June 2013

BELLE's Scintilla Collection

Today I dream about the new collection from BELLE called 'Scintilla'.

BELLE is a Warsaw based brand created by Magdalena Nowosadzka in 2011. The pieces she creates are simple, feminine and effortlessly chic.

What I love the most about her designs is the simplicity, the basic colour palette and how versatile her pieces are - plus the affordable prices! :)

As a total maniac for stripes I instantly fell in love with this mini collection and I can't wait to get my hands on the black and white stripy tunic!

Check out my short interview with Magdalena to find out more about the brand, her inspirations and favourite places on the internet!

What inspired you to get started in design and who do you design for?

At the beginning, probably like most people starting their adventure in design I sewed for myself. This was the result of a long journey through the various fields of art from mime, drawing, painting on fabrics to designing clothes. It turned out that it's very satisfying and I feel great doing it.

How would you describe the style in which you create? 

If I could I would use the word 'minimalism', but it's supposed to be banned ;) I make simple things which are relaxed, comfortable and feminine at the same time.

What inspired you while creating the new collection and where did the name came from? 

I can honestly say that I am against adding a 'philosophy' to a whole collection. Of course, what always emerges is the result of inspirations collected in my head, but for me it happens quite naturally. The names of the collections are usually taken from the state which I create it in. A scintilla is a small flash; a small thing. This collection, which also premieres some pieces for children is limited – the pieces from it will be available in single copies.

Do you have a favourite piece from your new collection? 

It's hard to decide. I think it's the maxi dress, because recently I feel good wearing long clothes. I also like the tunic with pockets.

Do you have any plans regarding expanding the collection (jackets, coats, etc? ) or maybe you are planning a winter collection? 

Scintilla is just a mini collection for the summer but coats, trousers and warm sweaters will definitely appear in the winter collection. I already have an outline in my head. I'm looking for materials and I can't wait to start sewing!

What is your fashion dream, how do you see the development of your brand? 

The dream for now is to find my own studio, combined with a boutique, where people can try everything on and talk to me over coffee. Of course I would like to see more girls wearing BELLE on the streets!

Do you have any favourite places on the internet where you look for inspiration? 

Due to editing the Melba magazine I browse many pages related to photography. I also love blogs that show interiors and graphic inspiration. I think everyone knows The Selby or Freunde von Freunden but I also recommend a look at Soft & Slow.

Magdalena's collection is available at Showroom and at BELLE's website.

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