Sunday 24 February 2013

Katie Rogers' Fashion Illustrations

Today I dream about Katie Rogers' magical fashion illustrations.

Katie is the girl behind the beautiful blog PaperFashion which she started in 2009. Katie turned her hobby into a very successful business and it has really paid off. The list of her clients include Coach, Kate Spade, Shiseido and many, many more.

When I first saw her glittering fashion watercolours I instantly fell in love. She carefully choses a fashion illustration and then transforms it into watercolours, adds sequins, glitter, beads and Swarovski crystals which makes the paintings really come alive.

The thing I love the most about Katie's art is how she shows femininity and old style glamorous beauty which is a rare find nowadays.

You can buy her art prints and paintings here for a very reasonable price. Make sure to also check out Katie's Facebook page and Pinterest profile for many, many inspirations!

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Glitterai - When fashion meets paper! :D


  1. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :DDD

  2. Wspaniałe! Że też mam dwie lewe ręce i zero talentu do rysowania...grrr ;)

    1. Ja tez! Co gorsza to mam wrazenie, ze nie mam talentu do niczego :(

  3. Katies Awesome! I love how she is exploring adding diffrent mediums to her water colors. Definitely elevates her style and give her some signature.I always know when I come across her work. I did an interview with her years ago. Nice post!