Tuesday 26 February 2013

Blogger's Homes - Elin Parr

Today I dream about this gorgeous home with stunning views located in Norway.

The house belong to Elin Parr, a very talented photographer and the creator of the blog Draumesidene. The house is built high up on a hill and it overlooks mountains and fjords. It's located in a tiny village with only about a hundred inhabitants which sounds like a perfect location to me!

Apart from the obviously amazing views, the interior is equally beautiful. I love the simple white, black and grey colour palette combined with cold steel and cosy natural wood. What I love even more, is all of the carefully chosen details, ornaments and patterns.

I love the combination of stripy rugs, printed cushions and rustic decorations. It's a beautiful mix of modern design with hand-made furniture, antiques and rustic charm.

The pictures were taken by Carina Olander and styled by Anna Truelsen.

Photos from Expressen.se

Parr-fect home! :)


  1. Ależ miejsce i ten widok - fantastyczne! Piękne mieszkanie.

    1. No wlasnie nie moge zdecydowac, co mi sie bardzej podoba :)

    2. Mi chyba...wszystko ! :)

  2. Napisałam to dziś u Agi, ale muszę i tutaj - co tam mieszkanie, chcę taki..no właśnie, w tym wypadku, taki taras, taki widok. Cudowność!

  3. Zjawiskowe mieszkanie ♥ I ten widok!

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