Tuesday 14 February 2012

Renovated House in Johannesburg

Today I dream about this enchanting house located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The house is not my style at all but the pictures really charmed me with how beautiful, warm and creative the house feels. This beauty belongs to Linda Notelovitz Goodall and Miles Goodall, who run a commercial production company. They spent a year renovating and decorating the building with the help of architect Rocco Bosman.

I love the French feel in the house with the blue shutters in the conservatory, chandeliers and french-inspired furniture in the bedroom and living room. And that garden... it couldn't be more perfect, it looks just like the one from the 'Secret Garden' movie!

I can imagine myself reading books there, surrounded with the sweet smell of roses :) I love to show you houses like that - truly unique, filled with art and more importantly, filled with personality! Enjoy!

Photos from Houseandleisure.co.za

Maison du Magique!


  1. Łazienka! Drzwi wejściowe! Schody - boże co za cudo! Piękne wnętrze. Bardzo barokowe, ale nie przytłoczone przez bibeloty. To naprawdę rzadkość przy takiej aranżacji.

  2. Schody - zakochałam się. Mam do takich słabość :)

  3. I wish I was next to that dog and looking out the window.