Thursday 19 January 2012

Tranquil House in Cape Town

Today I dream about this peaceful looking house located in Cape Town, South Africa.

The house belongs to the photographer Adrian Nakic and his wife June. The inside is filled with open space and natural light. It looks even more tranquil and minimalist thanks to the white walls and floors.

The whole interior is very well organised, it looks like there is nothing random in it, every item is carefully chosen to match the rest.

The exterior is even more impressive and very unique; I love the swing chair outside as well as the amazingly well designed roof. Despite the big amount of white colour inside the house still looks warm and cosy. Breathtaking!

 Photos from

The White House :)


  1. Mistrzostwo świata. Zazdroszczę biblioteczki - wspaniała.

  2. That swinging chair is rocking (catch my drift hahaha), I love it, I want one.

  3. Magia! Biorę ten dom, razem z kotem:D

  4. Boski dom!
    Niesamowite okna i widoki.
    Właśnie takiego kotka brytyjskiego
    kiedyś miałam...