Tuesday 17 January 2012

Spike and Cone Bracelets & Rings

Today I dream about these super cool spike bracelets.

I noticed them first on Aimee's amazing blog, Song of Style and then I spent ages trying to find out where it was from.

Aimee's bracelet comes from CC Skye's collection but there are a few other places where you can get a similar one. Eddie Borgo makes them too but they are much more expensive. As a cheap alternative I found a very similar style at ASOS and I'm already waiting for the delivery :)

It's hard to tell if they are all copied from each other or just 'inspired'. I chose the cheap version as the state of my finances is quite depressing, but when I do have a spare $1000 I promise you Eddie, I'll get one of yours too! :)

I'm still looking for the pave cone bracelet so if you see it anywhere at a reasonable price please let me know!

Eddie Borgo

 Photos from Eddieborgo.com

CC Skye

Photos from Ccskye.com


 Photos from Asos.com

Coney Island :)


  1. Song of style - nie znałam, super blog! Fajne te bransoletki ale chyba bałabym się, że niechcący bym kogoś zabiła :D

  2. I love the rings, so beautiful and cool.

  3. I'm in love with this bracelets and aimee uses the trend for the better way!