Monday 21 May 2012

Luxurious House in Djursholm

Today I dream about this amazing house located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Djursholm is one of four suburban districts of Stockholm and is a perfect location to buy a house but it's reserved only for the wealthiest as the property prices are among the most expensive in the country.

My obsession with all shades of white continues so when I spotted this house it was love at first sight :) Also, my love for Scandinavian design keeps getting stronger so the combination of white floorboards and white walls won my heart instantly!

If there's anything I would change about this house it's that I would prefer it to be a little bit smaller, it might sound crazy but I'm all about cosiness and comfort and not space :) I would also get rid of the gold touches, I know it's very classy and elegant but I'd chose something else instead.

The kitchen combined with the dining room is definitely my favourite part of the house and to me it's the most important part of every house because there's no better party than a kitchen party :) It's really perfect with the white units and marble counter tops combined with natural wood and lots of natural light coming from the garden.

Every room is really light and spacious but also very cosy and the house is still on the market here. The only minus is the price...

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Stockholm home :)


  1. Piękne! Takie jasne i ta przestrzeń... Te kolorowe szybki na jednym z ostatnich zdjęć są piękne. Ciekawie to musi wyglądać przy mocnym słońcu.

    1. Tez mi sie te szybki spodobaly ale chyba zmienilabym ich kolory - nie cierpie fioletu :)

  2. Oh my! Look at that kitchen, I want it!

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  3. oh... my dream house..

  4. Hello, I like your blog and I find it really luxurious and hope to have that kind of lovely bed someday. Thank you for sharing this with us.