Sunday 1 April 2012


Today I dream about these amazing moving pictures by Cinemagraph.

Cinemagraph was created by a visual graphics artist, Kevin Burg and a photographer, Jamie Beck. Cinemagraphs are something between a photo and a video, for me it's a perfect way to capture a special moment.

You may say that animated gifs have been around for ages but Kevin and Jamie took them to a whole new level. The movement is very gentle and subtle which creates a truly magical feeling. Often only a small, focused area of the image contains any motion leading the eye towards certain areas of the picture.

Have a look at these beautiful cinemagraphs featuring Coco Rocha, Katie Emilio's designs (check out my post here) and some shots of New York which I think are my favourites.

Also, check out Jamie's awesome Tumblr here! I think that these might be huge in the fashion industry!

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Moving pictures :)


  1. Są urocze! Aż nie chce się wierzyć, że .gif wrócił ! ;)

  2. Wow i love these! Such a cool idea. I adore such talent that can think of interesting things like this to create.


  3. Rewelacja! Zwłaszcza kobieta z powiewającymi włosami, ale wszystkie ciekawe. Dzięki za pokazanie :)