Saturday 7 March 2015

The Great Spring 2015 Collection

Today I dream about the Spring 2015 collection by The Great. The Great is a women’s collection by Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, best known for the super-cool denim brand Current/Elliot, launched in 2008. Since then, the creative duo have been dressing celebrities for red carpets, styling editorials and advertising campaigns.

Emily and Meritt who have been best friends since they met as students at UCLA more than 15 years ago left Current/Elliot in late 2012 and now they are getting back into design as they have just launched their new and much anticipated project - The Great.

Their debut collection described by the designers as the Casual Americana Wonderland consists of easy to wear pieces that unite both tomboyish and ultra-feminine influences. This time, Current and Elliott are working with a wide range of fabrics and silhouettes and leaving out denim for now. Fingers crossed that they will enjoy the great success that this collection deserves! 

How do you like their first collection?

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The Great escape! :)


  1. Sukienka z piątego zdjęcia jest po prostu obłędna! Zresztą, cała kolekcja jest bardzo fajna.
    P.s. Super, że wróciłaś :)

    1. Dzieki Aga :) Mam nadzieje, ze zostane na dluzej!