Wednesday 13 March 2013

Lux Singer's Fashion Illustration

Today I dream about the beautiful fashion illustrations by Lux Singer.

Behind that mysterious pseudonym lies a very talented designer and illustrator, Zuza. If you've ever wondered about my adorable portrait which you can see on your left, Zuza made that too!

Based in Warsaw, Zuza worked for one of the major and most renowned designers in the polish fashion industry and now she's decided to focus more on her own work as a freelancer.

I had the pleasure of meeting her many, many years ago as we come from the same town and she was always very interested in fashion, hence her choice of career. Just like me, Zuza is more of an observer than a participant, but unlike me, she can express herself through drawing as a form of communication.

Since a love for fashion and design has always accompanied her, it seems like moving into fashion illustration was a natural progression. Zuza only started her adventure with fashion illustration recently and her style is still developing. She chooses her subjects based on what makes her happy or inspired, like editorials, fashion shows, certain models or favoured garments.

As you see below, she loves to work with pencil in monochrome and then add a rich pop of colour which has become a defining characteristic of her art. What I love about her work the most is her amazing attention to detail, her vivid imagination and how she always adds something personal to the illustration - such as the cats on my portrait :)

I also like the ways she portrays women, they can be either feminine and subtle or strong and fierce. Check out Lux's blog and Tumblr and if you like her artwork you can like her Facebook page too!

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Take a Lux! :)


  1. Wow! I'm impressed by drawings of Lux. Amazing artworks, hope to see new ones as soon as possible

  2. A-mazing! Love all of them! The sketches are beautiful and delicate! Real talent!

  3. Piękne ilustracje, no i ten mops w koronie na cover photo!!! :)))

  4. Widziałam te ilustracje u Oliwki z variacji i muszę przyznać, że niesamowita kreska. Rewelacja!

  5. Those sketches are really beautiful!


  6. Ces illustrations sont superbes !! J'aime beaucoup :)