Saturday 22 September 2012

Emerson Fry Fall 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the super chic Fall 2012 collection by Emerson Fry.

I remember Emerson from her first project, Emersonmade when she was making pretty little pins, feminine blouses and perfectly cut jeans. Now she's back as Emerson Fry with a fabulous Fall 2012 collection which involves timeless, chic, wearable and really versatile pieces.

It reminds me a little bit of Kate Moss' effortless chic combined with Parisian elegance and New York coolness. I would gladly welcome every piece of the collection in my wardrobe right away, especially all the coats!

The thing I love about Emerson is that her designs complete each other - apart from designing clothes she also designs shoes and accessories so you have a complete wardrobe straight away. The only thing I could moan about here is the fact that I miss seeing Emerson modelling her own designs; apart from that, everything is just perfect!

This is exactly how I would like to look this fall and I just can't wait to see the Spring collection!

Photos from

Pretty Fry :)


  1. i need some coat too!

  2. That second look is really cool, I love even the sneakers.

  3. Płaszcze i buty - omg omg omg... :)

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