Saturday 3 December 2011

Saturday Recipes - Christmas Pudding!

Today I dream about a big bowl full of Christmas pudding with loads of cream and custard! :)

To all of you who don't like raisins and other dried fruits I recommend you close this tab now and try to forget about this post :)

To me, the smell and flavour of dried fruit is the ultimate Christmas flavour and this is probably why I really like Christmas pudding. Oh, and there's a lot of sugar in it so that's another reason :)

At first, I wasn't really keen on the traditional English Christmas pudding. I didn't like the look of it as it kind of looks like a flipped upside down bowl of really dark dog food. I had no idea about how to eat it and what with. Last year, I tried it the proper way - warm, drizzled with cream or custard and it was a revelation! It was really delicious and very Christmassy!

There must be something special about it as its history goes back to the medieval times and since then it's been on English tables every 25th of December. Thanks to the mighty M&S you don't have to spend around three hours boiling it and letting it hang for weeks before Christmas. You can just buy it and enjoy it straightaway!

If you insist on making your own though, here's a few recipes for the traditional version as well as some other creative ideas... enjoy! :)

Boiled Christmas Pudding

A classic, perfect recipe! The pudding is full of sweet, dried fruits with a generous dash of brandy :) It will take you ages to make but then you can refrigerate it for up to 3 months or freeze for up to 1 year before using. Find the recipe here!

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7 Cup Christmas Pudding

Another classic recipe served with delicious butterscotch sauce this time and the recipe is really easy to remember thanks to the 7 cup rule! Get the recipe here!

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Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

These are so cute and simple to make! Brilliant and fun idea :) Find the recipe here!

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Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

It looks gorgeous and it's full of winter spices and brandy - my new favourite! Get the recipe here!

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Winter Pudding Bombe

It may look like a regular Christmas Pudding but then - surprise! It's like a delicious mixture of Panettone with ice cream and fruit -yummy! Find the recipe here!

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Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

How cute are these!? I'm sure that the look and taste equally delicious!

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Remember to hide the sixpence :)

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  1. The images of those recipes look absolutely gorgeous especially the one with the chrismtas pudding balls in muslin bags :o) I am now definately hungry!