Sunday 25 September 2011

Style Muse - Ulyana Sergeenko

Today I dream about borrowing Ulyana Sergeenko's amazing sense of style :)

I first found out about Ulyana from Aga's post and I fell in love with her designs straight away! All the clothes looked like they were from a fairytale, they were not at all modern and utterly beautiful - it was like travelling back through time to when women looked like real princesses :)

I was intrigued with who was behind these amazing designs and when I first saw a picture of Ulyana it took my breath away - it was obvious that only she could create them. Ulyana has an amazing personal style and her collection truly reflects her fashion choices.

This talented Russian photographer and designer combines vintage and haute couture pieces in a perfect way. I love the 40's and 50's shapes she creates in her looks, she always looks so lady-like, like a mysterious goddess from the last century! Have a look!

Photo sources as watermarked

Beauty from the East :)


  1. Jest fantastyczna, trochę retro, trochę współczesna, piękna!

  2. Ale fenomenalna uroda,achh. Piękna kobieta. Pasuje jej retro styl, kolejny przykład na kogoś, kto czuje się w nim tak dobrze, że w ogóle nie wygląda na przebranego!

  3. amazing and so beautiful ...everything,.... the model the clothes the sheer inspiration of design...makes your heart sing

  4. Niesamowita krynolina, świetne okulary w stylu retro i rozbrajający kapturek:)

  5. Ona jest boska! Jeju i te jej ubrania na żywo musza wyglądać jeszcze cudowniej. Ach...:D

  6. I love her, her style and creations are pure perfection.

  7. I like her style. She is perfect :)